Darkside and MCE Project inviting Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal for a Moroccan Exclusive interview !

Dear friends,

We, Darkside Records Europe , partnering with A&R Creative, are honored and pleased to reveal you the name of our first guest who will kick off our first episode of the MCE Project.

The MCE Project (Moroccan Close Encounters Project) is an initiative aiming to bring to your screen your favourite Metal Legends and offer you a close encounter with them through exclusive interviews.

Please let me introduce you, one of the genius artists on the globe, a living guitar legend, former Gun's and Roses, actual Sons Of Apollo guitarist and Original Asia guitarist and lead vocal, my dear friend:

Ron Thal Bumblefoot !!!!!

Stay tuned for our next reveal where we will share with you the names of our talented Moroccan artists who will participate to this first interview and who will debate interesting subjects with Ron.

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