Breaking News - Necrobutcher (Mayhem) will be our host at the Moroccan Close Encounter Project !!!!!

Dear friends,

Let's start the day with an amazing news !

We are pleased to host the legendary #Necrobutcher from The True Mayhem at the 6th Episode of MCE Project !

Jørn will deliver an exclusive interview for his Moroccan fans along side with one of the most amazing #Black_Metal Moroccan artists that we will reveal soon !

We are proud of this new humble achievement and proud of all the Moroccan talented artists that accepted to be part of the MCE Project !

Stay tuned for the remaining broadcast dates, all interviews will be shared exclusively on our YouTube Channel !

For the records, below the links to watch the released interviews / teasers :

Ep1 : Ron Thal Bumblefoot - ex Guns N' Roses / Sons Of Apollo ( Ep2 : Steve Di Giorgio - Death / Testament ( Ep3 : Marty Friedman - ex Megadeth / Marty Friedman ( Ep4 : Mike Mangini - Dream Theater ( Ep5 : Max Cavalera - ex Sepultura / Soulfly / Go Ahead And Die (Teaser : Ep6 : Necrobutcher - Mayhem Ep7 : Sakis Tolis - Rotting Christ (Teaser : Ep8 : To be announced Ep9 : Alex Skolnick - Testament Ep10 : To be announced

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Official interviewer : Oumaima Latis Studio by : Free Monkeyz T-shirts by : Oshun Studio Photos by : Hamza Aghamm

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