The "Antidote" is coming...

Ahh yes. Just a few more days and the first "Antidote" sacraments shall be finally bestowed upon you brothers and sisters.

Should you wonder how the new work sounds like, meet the team of wizards behind the production of My Propane's new album - and guess the answer

Center stage: Maestro Joost van den Broek

The album has been produced, recorded and mixed at Sandlane Recording Facilities in Rijen (NL) by our long time collaborator and overall guru Joost (After Forever, Epica, VuuR, Ayreon, MaYaN and many more) to whom we owe a large debt of gratitude to say the very least. He's awesome at what he does and used his considerable skills to make us sound like 4 very nasty bastards.

On your right: The one and only Jos Driessen

The recording process has been made even more on point and exciting thanks to the engineering of Jos Driessen (o.a Epica, Ayreon, Ludowic)who is not only a hell of an artist but also one of the most pleasant people on earth and, like Joost, seems to really get what we are doing here.

On your left: Master Jacob Hansen

The mastering, as a cherry on the cake, is provided by Grammy Award nominee Jacob Hansen (Evergrey, Aborted, Volbeat, Amaranthe and so forth) at Hansen Studios in Denmark. Joost had no doubt as who would be the right person to finish off this bastard of an album, so Jacob took the beast Joost mixed and added an extra pair of large balls to it, for good luck.

Antidote is out on 25-1-2019 on Darkside Records.

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