Carthagods will rock the stage...again

Chania Rock Festival are very glad to announce CARTHAGODS (ft. Timo Somers) @ Chania Rock Festival 2019 on Saturday 6 of July along with DEMONS & WIZARDS and ROTTING CHRIST!

The band was one of the first metal bands to emerge from Tunisia in the '90s. Their powerful sound and longevity make them one of the most important bands in the Tunisian Metal scene’s history.

The band has done a lot of important collaborations and stage sharing with artists/bands like: ✔ EPICA - 2006 ✔ Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth) - 2007 ✔ Marcel COENEN (Ayreon, GodsCum, Sun Caged, Stormrider) - 2008 ✔ ANATHEMA & Fabio LEONE (Angra / Rhapsody of Fire) - 2010 ✔ DARK TRANQUILLITY

Also, they have enjoyed jamming with living legends and talented artists from the actual international Metal scene as ✔ Paul Di Anno, ✔ Max Cavalera, ✔ SOEN, ✔ Mark Reign (Destruction, Morgoth),✔ Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian) and many others.

The band also has collaborated in the studio with legends such as: ⚫ Tim RIPPER OWEN (Ex-Judas Priest) in “My favorite disguise” ⚫ Ron “BUMBLEFOOT” Thal (Sons Of Apollo, Guns n’Roses) in “My revenge” ⚫ Hans IN T Sandt (Ex-Mad Max) and Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) in “MOENP” ⚫ Mark JANSEN (Epica, Mayan) in “A last sigh”

⦿ May 2015, one month before the first album self titled release, , CARTHAGODS had the opportunity to perform their first Album for the first time, in Istanbul in front of more than 5000 amazing crazy motherfuckers, as they opened the show for the mighty BLIND GUARDIAN on their “Beyond the Red Mirror” world tour. ⦿ 2016 was a kind of eventful and started with a new release “The Devil’s Dolls” which is part of the next album. The Devil’s Dolls had a lot of positive reviews and was featured in some international web radios (Mexico/U.K/USA/Netherlands) which made the band more committed to move forward and produce more specially after M. Khema moved to CANADA for family reasons and the process of writing has changed but this didn’t prevent the band to work and event release their first video lyrics and the artwork of the next album. ⦿ In the end of 2016, echoes of the CARTHAGODS album started to reach out with the European metalheads and the band was invited to perform in Paris on Dec the 3rd and Malta on Dec 12th ⦿ On March 2017, Carthagods kept feeding the local scene and was invited to headline the “Metal United Fest” on its first edition and since it was a success the Metal United team didn’t hesitate to invite the band on the second edition in the same year with one of their historic friends, I name here Mark Jansen (Mayan/EPICA) and the sweet Laura Macri (Mayan) to perform together some EPICA/MAYAN/After Forever songs beside the band’s. ⦿ January 2018, a good start with the first performance in Belgium during “Le Cercle Metal Fest” with some good bands as (Tagada Jones, Drakkar) and an announced show in the METAL OVER MALTA Fest on March with talented artists as (Sirenia, Moon Sorrow) ⦿ April 2018 the band had an opportunity to tour as an opener for the emerging Heavy Metal band Battle Beast in he Baltic states. ⦿ July 2018 the Carthagods opened for JUDAS PRIEST in Bucharest, Romania and burned the stage in front of more than 12000 metalheads. ⦿ September 2018 they were invited to Open the MaYaN new Album’s release party in the Netherlands & Belgium in prestigious venues as De Helling in Utrecht and Le Cercle in Bruxelles. ⦿ December 2018 they joined the tour with the MaYan Tribe for a second hit in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)

Now the band is progressing in the writing of the next album which will be released on the beginning of 2019 with the prodigy Timo Somers as lead guitarist and producer powered by DarkSide Records.

Saturday 6 July 2019: Join the Carthagods experience! Their show cannot be missed! Book your tickets now:

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